What we will do: Keep property taxes at or below the rate of inflation for another four years. Fully fund Poverty Reduction 2.0 to address: Housing Stability, Service Access, Transit Equity, Food Access, Quality Jobs and Livable Wages, Systemic ...

What we have done: Created the Open Door program which leverages City land as well as providing property tax deferrals, Development Charge waivers, and fast tracked approvals process to build more affordable housing faster. Unlocked 18 City site...

What we will do: Work with the arts community to find a new target for per capita funding and create a real plan to get there. This will allow the City to double the City’s Culture Build Investment Program from $330,000 to $660,000. Declare...

Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City has invested in safe, separated bike lanes, connected the gaps in the on-street cycling network, and improved the City’s trail network.

What we will do: The Mayor has committed to matching the recent provincial investment of $25 million towards community safety programs. 1/3rd will fund neighbourhood officers; and 2/3rds will fund recreation and other community programming fo...

Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City has taken action to fight traffic congestion.

Under the Mayor’s leadership, more than 200,000 jobs have been created in Toronto since 2014.

Under the Mayor’s leadership since 2014, the City has built strong, collaborative relationships with the Provincial and Federal governments.

Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City has invested in parks and public spaces.

Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City has taken steps to protect our environment.

Under the Mayor’s leadership, City Council championed and approved the City’s first Vision Zero Road Safety Plan.

Under the Mayor's Leadership, the City overhauled the recreation registration process, parking ticket payments and customer service delivery.

What we will do: Mayor Tory has affirmed his commitment to keeping Toronto affordable. If he is re-elected, the Mayor will keep property taxes at or below the rate of inflation for the next four years. He will also continue to work with both the ...

What we will do: Continue improving and adding service to the TTC including “last-mile” solutions including community buses and exploring microtransit options. Continue making the TTC more customer friendly and responsive to 21st-cen...

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